A place where: 

Skeptics are Welcome

Broken Lives are Mended

Jesus Christ is the Message

Every Sunday - Worship begins at 10:45 am

Current Sermon Series:
he Book of Esther

The theme of the series is: God's Hidden Presence

Sometimes God doesn't seem to be present, although we know from Scripture, that He is. Join us as we explore the Providence of God in the unfolding of His eternal purposes in the life of Esther.  You'll discover that this same God is working His same providential will in your life that He worked in Esther's life too!  Sometimes God is in the foreground.  Sometimes the background.  Either way, He is there.

Sunday School meets at 9:30am
We are viewing and discussing the
Series - American Gospel - Christ Crucified

We will continue to record the sermons for those unable to attend.

We are delighted you have discovered our presence on the Internet. You are probably wondering what kind of church Lebanon EPC is. Simply put:

We are committed to the Great Commission which our Savior Jesus Christ gave first to his disciples and has subsequently passed on to us, His Church, the Body of Christ.

Our goal is to promote the Gospel of Christ in the lives of those in our community and around the world. We do this through our worship and our witness. Jesus Christ is the center of our worship and our witness.

We are committed to discipleship which means cultivating hearts for God and minds for His Truth.

We are committed to Gospel-centered community where our lives are knit together around the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ.